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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Your Switch GOTY... apart from Zelda and Odyssey


I choose...

Splatoon 2 33 28.70%
Xenoblade 2 46 40.00%
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle 11 9.57%
ARMS 5 4.35%
Other 20 17.39%

If we set aside Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey for a moment, what is the best Switch game of 2017 in your opinion, and why?

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Even though it's not Switch exclusive: Sonic Mania.

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i would say Xenoblade 2, but im still playing that. so until i can offer fair judgement on it, I will say Splatoon 2. it felt like there was no transition going from Splatoon to Splatoon 2, it really just felt like the game got an update and i kept playing the original. the gameplay is still fun and inventive, i love Salmon Run, and from the pool of Switch games we have right now, it is easily one of the best

Xenoblade 2 IS my Switch GOTY. I have Zelda on Wii U and MO is great but Xenoblade is my jam!

I only got Zelda, Splatoon 2, Arms and FE Warriors.

So probably Splatoon 2. But thats not really saying much.

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If we're just including games I've spent a lot of time with:

Sonic Mania>Xenoblade 2>The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild>Super Mario Odyssey

I don't know where I'd put Splatoon 2 though even though I have like 40 hours in it. Barely have played Mario+Rabbids

ARMS for me

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I haven't even finished Xenoblade 2 and that is easily in the top 3 Switch games that came out. So I pick up Xenoblade 2.

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I guess I would go with Xeno 2 with all the trills and fun I am getting out of it, but I played Zelda BOTW on my WiiU.

Super Mario Odyssey is a sure 3rd though.

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Spla2n. Not like I have many other choices. Besides Mario and Zelda, only got Doom, Rocket League and Kamiko left. I wanna get Golf Story and Sonic Mania tho.

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