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Forums - Sony Discussion - If Last of US 2 got a battle royale mode it would increase its popularity


Should Naughty Dog add Battle Royal to Last of us 2?

Yes 12 28.57%
No 19 45.24%
It could work, but id like something else. 11 26.19%

Hello everyone,

I was wondering what everyone thought about the prospect of Last of Us adopting Battle Royale for the Last of Us 2. Ever since the Last of Us came out its scavenging, crafting and team-based manhunt style has been a staple of its appeal. All of this was happening years before PUBG came out, just not on such a large scale in a manner who every man was for themselves. If they could increase map sizes and includes this it would be great. A lot of people want to play Fortnite...but thats not my cup of tea.It would also open people up to how great the multiplayer truly is. It was definitely last gens most underrated multiplayer games. If Last of us had battle would be amazing. 


So what do you think?

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No thanks.
Not only would it take a lot of work on the graphics to even remotely get this working, and TloU isnt even open world to begin with. But TloU already has a really good and unique MP. All they need to do is work on that and make it better.

Days Gone, on the other hand, should get the Battle Royale esque MP (and only that). A lot more workable since it is UE4, like PubG and Fortnite, and is open world, so there is an already established map (or maps if they break it down in size).

That said if TloU2 got this type of MP then that is cool, but I dont think its feasible, nor am I overly interested. Rather core MP be focused on and always with an active online base.

The combat in ND games is too loose and crappy for that. 100 people ducking behind crates doesn't sound all that fun.  They need more stealth based mp game modes.

The PS4 couldn't handle 100 players, of decent complexity, running around a large map.

Not in an interesting way.
Not in a way that Naughty Dog would be satisfied with.

You don't actually have to chase every emerging trend. Especially when you are a brilliant studio that sets trends themselves

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Also rocket powered battlecars and time traveling cockneys.

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i agree

vivster said:
Also rocket powered battlecars and time traveling cockneys.

I could see them doing these things.
If they were more marketable.

I don't think the Engine is even remotely capable or managing such huge maps, let alone a Player count of 100. I also don't think that every dev and their mother should do Open World and Battle Royal just because it's the hot shit right now.

tl;dr: no

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That game does not need an online multiplayer mode at all.