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Forums - Gaming Discussion - If Sony makes a "Playstation Switch" could it succeed?


Could Sony make a successful Switch ?

Yes 25 14.37%
No 83 47.70%
Depends on many things 62 35.63%
see results 4 2.30%

Sony has recently said that despite the fact that they have been selling extraordinary amount of consoles this holiday they cannot ignore Nintendo's switch.  Nintendo Switch is truly a very unique and intriguing concept,  if Sony were to challenge Nintendo and released their own version of the Switch would it fail just like the Vita did. Or perhaps they can learn from their mistakes and really try to push the PS Switch with strong 3rd party support.   What do you think is required of Sony to make a successful version of the Switch?   more powerful?  better online? cheaper price ? 


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Third thread mentioning that one quote.


Pool all resources to PS4 only - no secondary system , even Nintendo is focusing on one platform going forward.


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PS4 won’t make one unless Nintendo sells 140 million units. Right now the market is fine with two excellent home only consoles and one excellent hybrid. They won’t fix what’s not broken.

It could succeed. Sony just needs to go all-in on it.

With how much longer games take to make these days I don't think any company has enough studios to properly support more than one main console any more. A PSP3 that wasn't natively compatible with PS4 or 5 games would probably share a similar fate as the Vita.

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If they did it the same as the Switch, but with Sony's games, it will do really well I think, but I worry about a backlash from Sony loyalists if they feel the "on TV" experience is hurt in any way

Another one? There is one of this everyday I guess

The answer still is: No

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Of course. Who wouldn't want to play ps4 on the go.

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What is a success? We need to establish what that even is before we go about determining whether or not it will reach it.

Why does it need to copy Nintendo all of a sudden?.

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