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Forums - Sales Discussion - Global Weekly, 11th November 2017, Hardware


Last edited by Shikamo - on 20 December 2017


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Thinking the majority of those increased Xbox sales majorly goes to the culmination of pre-orders of the X. Solid start. No wonder it's so close to PS4 on NPD. Worldwide though the 4 leads this week still. Practically tied though.

My prediction in 2023.

SW: 27m

PS5: 24m

XBS: 12m

I feel like these numbers are highly inaccurate.

I guess now is a good time to mention I never liked Nintendo and I'm selling my Switch and they'll fail to Sony.

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Oh geeezus. So that was it wasn't it? The last time the XBO had a chance of taking a week from the PS4. Barring an insane price cut. Or a very slight adjustment. Anyways, nice numbers. Very big. That's why I like the holidays. Vita again curb stomps the Wii-U at about 16-1. Merry Christmas everybody!

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Wasn't Xbox reported to sell 140k at UK only on the One X launch week? Seems a little bit strange that it only sold 8k in the rest of Europe then.


But the Switch is cannibalizing the PS4, right? Right?

kazuyamishima said:
But the Switch is cannibalizing the PS4, right? Right?                             

Yeah, but who ever said that? By going on this website, everyone can clearly see that the PS4 has sold the most globally almost every week since the Switch launched outside of a major game release.

You know that thing when you uhhh...and then you...hmmm. But then you have to...umm, Yuh.

Excellent sales for PS4 and Xbox one. Was tbis black friday week?