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The development for the return of the game database is well underway and we are getting very close to a "go live"!! VersusEvil and VGPolyglot have been doing a TON of beta testing to ensure all of the functionality is working as expected and, if you haven't noticed already, the new DBAdmin team has also been identified and they too, have begun testing and working on cleaning up the database - it's been a really long road so far, but we are not done yet!!

I have just now begun the process of redirecting the rest of the main website (including the "Pro" version) to include the new database for any processing and displays, which is the main purposefor my writing up this thread. There are MANY pages that touch the database in some fashion, and so as I work my way through each of the sections around here and start pointing them at the new database, there is always the potential for my missing something and causing an error to show up - please do NOT report each and every error you see! Obviously, if a particular error hangs around for more than 30-45 minutes, then it's very likely something I really did break and am currently unaware of it - for the most part though, errors may come and go as I work through all of this and I just ask for a little patience before reporting a problem.

I will update this thread, once I've finished with all the changes that need to be made... :)


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The official guidelines for use with the Database have been wrote up. They will always be updating and evolving alongside the Database. You can read the current version with the link provided.

Database Re-Launch Guidelines

Myself and VGP are working on a general user Database tutorial guide for you all, i wont share it just yet as its work in progress, but soon!

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Nice, I'm excited for it to finally go live


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Great News!

Good to know. Thanks to all of you that are making the comeback of the database a reality.

And to Talon: there's no need to rush. We've been years without the databse, so take your time to make sure that everything is ok, and don't forget to enjoy these coming days with the family. We can wait a bit longer but only a little bit!

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Nice. Thanks for all the hard work.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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We appreciate all your work, to all users implicated in the process of reconstructing the Database.

Thank you all, and have wonderful Holidays.

Oh I missed this thread when it was posted yesterday.

Also important to note that the database when it returns is just the start. There are lots of improvements lined up for it, including some awesome new graphics courtesy of Zekkyou, and some improved functionality, so do bear with us for the first few months of it going live!