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Forums - Gaming Discussion - PC title "Fire Pro Wrestling World" leaves Steam Early Access, PS4 version development fully underway


The PC version of Fire Pro Wrestling World has left Steam Early Access and is now available at a launch commemoration price of $13.39 / 1,447 yen until January 4, 2018, publisher Spike Chunsoft announced. After that, the price will revert to $19.99 / 2,160 yen.  

The press release notes that, “With the PC (Steam) version being complete, development on the PlayStation 4 version will now move forward at full speed. Please look forward to more news.”



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hoping we get a switch version after they smooth out any issues on the PS4 port!


Nice, Fire Pro Wrestling Returns is pretty cool, so I hope that this one can live up to that.

It's always nice to see an game actually get out of early access as a full game, considering how many devs just leave the game as it is to reap the advantages there indefinitively.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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