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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Ideas for Smash Bros. Stage?

One of my favorite things about Super Smash Bros. is the variety of stages you can fight on.

So, I thought I'd ask around here how you would do a Super Smash Bros. stage, including such factors as what game would it be from, what obstacles would it give fighters, etc.

Here I go:


-Donkey Kong Country


-The Gangplank Galleon's deck, off-shore from Donkey Kong Island.


-Every few seconds cannonballs will drop down to the ship's deck, seriously damaging anyone hit by them.

-A blast line to the left, right, and top of the screen.

-Kirtters, Gnawty Beavers or Zingers will sometimes pass through, but only hurt fighters on contact, and can be taken out by fighters as well.

Breakable Features:

-Nearby barrels and crates.

-The ship's mast, which is replaced 30 seconds afterwards.


-The final boss theme from Donkey Kong Country.

-Klomp's Romp from Donkey Kong Country 2.

-Jib Jig from Donkey Kong Country 2.

-Stilt Village from Donkey Kong Country 3.

Character Appearances:

-The aforementioned Kritters, Gnawties and Zingers.

-Funky Kong sometimes flies by in his Jet Barrel to watch the fight.

-Enguarde the Swordfish occasionally jumps out of the sea and back.

-Squaks the Parrot sometimes comes to watch the fight from the ship's railing.


-From the start of the game.

That's my shot at a Smash Bros. stage, what about you?