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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Dragon Quest Builders for Switch coming in February in US and Europe

Nintendo announced Dragon Quest Builders will launch for the Switch in North America and Europe on February 9.

It will also launch for the Nintendo Switch in Japan on March 1, 2018, with a demo coming out on February 1.


So thats Bayonetta 1/2, Pay Day, Dragon Quest Builders, and some Indies for february for now.

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I shall preorder.


I hope that DQB2 will be better than Part 1, but I'm confident. Bought it a month ago for 19.99 euros for PlayStation.

edit. info: and you can already play the demo on ps4, if you like @ for the people who want to test it now :)

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Exciting, this game looks fun

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I haven't played this. Is this just Minecraft in DQ skins, or does it actually have a campaign mode and story mode?

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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This game will be perfect fit for Switch.

I might get it when its cheap.

I've watched soomeone play it on Twich and I can't stand the battle music, it's so bad.

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I could see myself getting into this if I had people to play with, but on the other hand if the sequel is coming soon, perhaps waiting for that may be an option too.



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Day 1 for me. I am a huge longtime DQ fan. While I generally ignore the spinoff stuff, seeing as how it is on a console like the Switch - I can’t resist.

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I will probably get this the month it comes out. I have been eyeballing the PS4 version for a while now, but when I heard it was coming to the Switch I wanted to wait and get it for that format. Looks cool. I'll have to look into how much content it has, because I am not sure if it is worth $60 or not.