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Forums - Gaming Discussion - One Piece: World Seeker (PS4, XBO and PC) debut trailer


Bandai Namco has released the debut trailer for its newly announced One Piece: World Seeker.  

Described as “the most ambitious One Piece game ever,” One Piece: World Seeker puts players in the role of Luffy, who will experience and wage battles in an “expansive and seamless” open world filled with castles, cities, beaches, and more “exciting and diverse” locations.




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" that's why it's not on Switch!"

This makes me wish I was a One Piece fan! That game looks awesome!

Looks promising.

And its gonna have an original storyline separate from the anime/manga - which takes place around the same time as the Big Mom arc that is going on right now.


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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
This makes me wish I was a One Piece fan! That game looks awesome!


You should watch it, its awesome.


The only anime I've watched entirely alongside its fillers since Dragon Ball Z.


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Damn.. looks really REALLY good


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What a fascinating take on the game.
While law is my favorite character to play (other than in burning blood. The life loss ruins him)- this looks really, really good.

Like an open world exploring game while playing as luffy.

Wonder how burning blood sold on xb1. I guess well enough to get this also.

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Seems like this game is borrowing heavy from BOTW which is not a bad thing at all. Can see more games taking queues from that.

With how PW3 on PC turned out, I'm not going to hold hope for them to not fuck up this port.


Looks really good, I haven't watched one peice but maybe I could get this