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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How much money have you saved in this Gen by borrowing games?

All on PS4 and a rough estimate of the price at the time

Evil Within 2 30€

Resident Evil 7 60€

Resident Evil 4 25€

The Last Guardian 60€

Doom 40€

Uncharted 4 60€

Uncharted collection 50€

God of War 3 remastered 40€

The Order 1886 70€

Last of Us Remastered 40€

Alien Isolation 30€

505€ in total

In this Generation I burrowed a lot of games from my brother and some from my cousin, a lot of times 1 to 2 weeks after release. Its interesting to see how much money you can save by burrowing games, something i will do more so in the future. Share your estimates

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Strange as it sounds, I didn't make any tunnels or caves for my games this year.

Seriously though, I was only interested in a few Switch games, there was no need to borrow them.

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Well sir, I have saved a decent amount, but nowhere near as much as I have with nuts.

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Zero unfortunately. Few of my friends and I share game taste.

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This was the first year I started getting the free games on humble bundle, and one of them I even wanted.

Edit: and I got Dirt Rally for free from someone on here - thanks again.

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Nothing. I never borrow games

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I don't think I've ever borrowed a game. However, me and my brothers share all our Switch games, so we do save a lot of money on that.