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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What are the best western, 3rd party, multiplatform developers?

So, in another thread last week, someone mentioned that Nintendo needed western 3rd party support. That made me take a mental note of all the good non-Japanese, multiplatform, 3rd party games that came out this year. The list was rather short with only four to five games, and most of those were riddled with microtransactions. 

Anyway, my question is this. What are the best western, 3rd party, multiplatform development studios around today? Let's keep it limited to the current console generation to boot. 

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Ubisoft as developers, Bethesda as publishers, as far as this current console generation goes.

Cd Project is nothing by home runs.
Id say Bioware is still good, the main team.
Insomniacs is great.
Is Square Enix counted as one, or many teams ?
Kojima - 3rd or second party ?
All the teams behind GTA, fantastic.
Rockstar san diego - Red dead devs.
Ubi devs, quite high quality. 

CD project Red and Eidos comes to mind.

But people often is talking about EA, ACTIVISION and Ubisoft blockbuster developers.

I mean, Take-TwoooooOH, current gen.

Idk because I don't want to say there is none.

Well, this is new.


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Since Eidos jumped off a cliff recently, I'll roll with CDPR and THQN, as well as Blizzard.

Top 5 for me:

1. CD Projekt
2. Rockstar
3. Bethesda
4. Ubisoft
5. Crystal Dynamics

Electronic Arts

jason1637 said:
Electronic Arts

That's a good joke

1. Blizzard
2. Rockstar North
3. Ubisoft Montreal
4. CD Project Red
5. EA Canada
5. Criterion
5. Rocksteady/Netherrealm