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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo’s 9 Months Financial Report scheduled for January 31

Next financial update from Nintendo won’t be too far from now. The company has updated its IR calendar, confirming that its Nine Months Earnings Release will take place on January 31.

Nintendo will talk about things like Switch sales, hardware sales in general, how its mobile games are doing, and other topics of that nature. These events sometimes have other interesting news and tidbits from time to time.

Source 1 and Source 2


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Should be an interesting report.

Always looking forward those reports. Especially to update all my numbers in my sales thread.

A Nintendo Direct before then?

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Jranation said:
A Nintendo Direct before then?

More than likely. Mid-January, I expect.

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Should be good. Compared to the Wii U days there is merchandise everywhere for Nintendo. I feel merchandise is where a lot of companies make their money.

Stocks are up too.

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Wonder if they'd give any third party or similar (Pokken and such) numbers

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That'll be fun to see, though there's still quite a bit of waiting to do until then.



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