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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Pokémon Crystal to hit 3DS on Jan 26

Just announced on Nintendo's twitter account.

Re-encounter the Mythical Pokémon Celebi when the groundbreaking #PokémonCrystal comes to Nintendo eShop for #3DS on Jan. 26!

Source: Twitter

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Cool. Hopefully we'll get gen 3 on Switch.

Kinda late....should have released it alongside G/S like they did with R/B/Y.


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Box release will be sold in Europe and Japan.. Rip NA again :(


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Nintendo what a thoughtful gift to give me on my birthday.


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Best gen 2 game!

Actually, it's not just that! Best Gameboy game full stop!

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Best Pokemon game ever made. Kindof wish they’d put them on Switch though; I don’t care to buy a 3DS :/

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Why don´t they give us a retail release too? :(
Also the Pikachu New 2DS XL is coming :)

Shikamo said:

Box release will be sold in Europe and Japan.. Rip NA again :(

NoA is the worst thing ever.

Munchies said:

NoA is the worst thing ever.

I think NoJ should get some of the blame too...

If they hadn't made the console region locked then Americans could have just imported from Europe.