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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Metal Gear Survive looks... good?


What do you think about Metal Gear Survive?

Looks great, I'll be buying it for sure 4 21.05%
It looks alright I guess.... 6 31.58%
Eww god no, fuck Konami a... 7 36.84%
I wonder how they're gon... 2 10.53%

Okay, so when the game was first announced it was a huge nope from me, I dismissed it before I even saw anything about it, and didn't really think to do any more looking into it because, well, who wants to do that?! Anyways, so a video popped up on my recommended list on YouTube earlier on, it's some Metal Gear Survive gameplay (Duh) with commentary, and I thought "Fuck it, I'll watch it, see what happens..." and afterwards I thought "Y'know, I could actually see myself playing that someday" which really surprised me.

And at the end of the video it says there's a beta next month, only three days, but I think I'm gonna' check it out and see how it is...

Also if anyone IS planning on buying the game anyway (Despite the whole Konami and Kojima thing, apparently people are still upset about it), then you might want to check out the beta for some free items, since this is taken from a small article over at PlaystationTrophies;

"Participating beta players will also be given a special in-game bonus for use in the full game, including a FOXHOUND name plate, a Metal Gear Rex head accessory and a bandana for your character."

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I think the idea on paper could work. This will sound like I'm tooting my horn but it's not meant to be. I and a buddy had a similar idea for an MG spinoff back in 2014 but agreed it would have to be done just right. I'm not so sure Konami is doing this right or wrong yet. This could be a good spinoff like MGR or be a disaster like any of the Resident Evil TPS/FPS games. My hope is the game is decent enough to keep the MG series alive. I nee an MGR2 dammit!

I just want a PS4 version of the legacy collection. Hoping this sells well enough for Konami to do that.

It looks alright, but this doesn't matter. No way I give my money to Konami. Same with EA.
PS: sorry for my poor English.

Looks like a AAA DayZ.

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Of course it looks good, it's using the carcass of MGS5. The problem there wil be the gameplay, due to Konami having practically lost all of their mindpower.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Even as someone who loves the core mechanics of the game this is based on...meh.

Should have been a battle royale.

Otherwise it looks potentially fun. But I'm not really sure I care.

It definitely has potential. I will reserve my judgement until after its released though.

In order for metal gear to live, Konami must...well, let’s say have mgs get away from them based on some kind of event at least.

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