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Forums - Sony Discussion - Death Stranding... Any theories about story?

So, I have just seen the last trailer of death stranding... Does anyone have any theory about what the game story could be? What are the invisible things/beasts or why do they prefer to have a painful death instead of being abducted? I want to hear them all, while I think on my own one.


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This will sound preachy, but why not just not worry about it and allow yourself to be surprised?

Well, this is new.


The first thing that impressed me with their last trailer is that it's a full 8 minutes long one and I watched it twice and did not feel at all that it was that long which means that I was so caught up in it that I did not see the time pass...

As for a theory, well It's hard to make but I'd say that you will have to fight some kind of demon that has the power of destruction at the scale of the universe or something. The baby in the container probably represents some kind of Messiah, some chosen one which you must protect at all costs against the demon who probably wants to get his hands on the baby to either destroy him or corrupt him and turn him to the dark side so to speak. And the player will probably control Norman Reedus as a human that will be tasked with protecting said baby.

As for those being abducted, they probably know that their suffering will be so huge if they get caught that it's better to kill themselves in any way possible or maybe if abducted they will become demon slaves or something.

Perhaps the game takes place across different times and epochs of human history. The first trailer seemed to have taken place during WW2 if I remember correctly. The new trailer is non specific in that regard.

Oh and I forgot to add that in my opinion this Lovecraftian demon has the power somehow to destroy all mankind or maybe he wants to erase humans from the cosmos, make sure they never existed or something but he must destroy or corrupt the chosen one first (the baby).

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Yong put out a nice vid on the latest trailer that makes sense to me:

It’s hard to know anything from the trailer, it’s a typical kojima deranged special, but I reckon it will have something to do with death and dying and entering another dimension maybe more than one dimension, im not sure if youlonhave tondie inna certain way but I just get that impression.
The men for some reason didn’t want to be killed by those things and so chose to kill themseves instead, so that tells me they know there’s another place you go to that’s clearly not very nice. You may even have to go there yourself on purpose to try get people back it could be the whole point of the game I dunno. And as I said there’s could be multiple “dimensions” that strand together with deaths ;)

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I read in some comments something between the lines that the baby the guy is carrying, could be a vessel, for when he dies. So maybe hes killing himself, in order to abandon his adult body and be saved in the baby body that is passed to Norman Reedus.


"We all make choices, but in the end, our choices make us" - Andrew Ryan, Bioshock.

its very interesting. cant wait of this game

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I figured it all out... but i wont tell nobody... never..

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lets see...  nope no clue :) waiting to be surprised.