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Another end-of-year tradition is back! It's time to tell people on this forum you actually like them (or some of them at least)! 

You know the drill but here's a recap of the rules:

  • You make a list of up to 20 users (you can name only 5 if you want to) you think deserve a place on the tournament (in no particular order)
  • The votes will be tallied up until December 31st 2017
  • In early January, the top voted users will make it to the tournament which will carry on like previous years.


- You cannot nominate yourself (because it’s sad, really)
- You can vote only once.
- The users nominated have to have been active during the year 2017.


- If someone wants to opt out of the tournament they can say so here.

USERS WHO HAVE OPTED OUT OF THE TOURNAMENT (but who are still awesome):

- trasharmdsister12
- d21lewis
- Acevil
- spurgeonryan
- padib
- Kresnik
- green_sky
- gooch_destroyer
- AZWification
- Kyuu
- Conegamer
- NobleTeam360
- QuakeCORE89
- ps3-sales!
- Mike321
- Slade6alpha

I've kept the list of people who opted out in past years but if they have a change of mind, they can opt in.

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WHAT?!? Ace, Quake, Noble, Leadified, Cloud and Platina all opted out? THis is going to be a bit harder then...

I opted out long time ago. I do not contribute enough as it did when I did take part.


Acevil said:
I opted out long time ago. I do not contribute enough as it did when I did take part.

I feel like you could opt in this year though.

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Let's get on with the nominations:


· RavenXtra

· Miz1q2w3e (I miss you, you bastard!)

· Zekkyou

· Versus Evil

· Mr_No

· TomaTito

· S.Peelman

· VGPolyglot

· Ryuu96

· Iceland

· Shadow1980

· Nautilus

· cycycychris

· Outlawaron

· Carl2291

· Azuren

· ARamdomGamer

· BraLoD

· Ka-Pi96

· Ultrashroomz


EDIT: shameful edit for lacking reading comprehension.

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That time of the year? I bet Rol wins again.

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Uh idk many people but,







Will edit if I remember names xD

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AnmolRed said:

Uh idk many people but,



Will edit if I remember names xD

Which Shadow? There is Shadow8 and Shadow1980.

Well, here's my list in any case:


  1. TalonMan
  2. TruckOSaurus
  3. Machina
  4. ARamdomGamer
  5. Wright
  6. VersusEvil
  7. Veknoid_Outcast
  8. Leyendax69
  9. Ryuu96
  10. RavenXtra
  11. Bristow9091
  12. Super_Boom
  13. Iceland
  14. Slade6Alpha Boutros
  15. UltraShroomz
  16. Axumblade
  17. Ka-pi96
  18. Caffeinade
  19. Miguel_Zorro
  20. Mr_No
Sorry for the people I didn't list, 20 isn't really enough
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1. StarDoor!
2. RavenXtra
3. Nuvendil
4. VGPolyglot
5. Nautilus
6. Ultrashrooms (doom avy bump was too glorious to not give you the push)
7. Boutros
8. Darwinevolution
9. Super Boom
10. Cloudman
11. Versus_evil
12. Outlawauron
13. CycycyChris
14. Shadow1980
15. Carl2291
16. Platina
17. Kresnik
18. TruckO
20. Wright

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