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Forums - Gaming Discussion - "The Nintendo Switch Is Selling Exactly As Fast As Sony's PS4" - Forbes


Do you agree with the article?

Yes, Switch will KILL the PS4! 18 12.95%
No, PS4 will remain champion! 74 53.24%
Hard to tell right now, time will only tell. 47 33.81%

Dammit, this is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I wanted to know if the switch sold 10 million faster only to find this article. Ughh, Switch IS doing amazing. But how long will it last? Seems like the forbes guy thinks the Switch is going to win out in the end even catching up and overtaking the PS4's sales. What's his theory??? POKEMON and the fact that the switch will also take over the 3DS as the NEW portable.

Oh oh for Sony??? DAMMIT I hope not.

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Could you post the link?

We'll know if it's going to keep up or not by June, 1st half of 2018 is going to be a real test for the Switch.

VGPolyglot said:
Could you post the link?

It's there! :)

Barkley said:
We'll know if it's going to keep up or not by June, 1st half of 2018 is going to be a real test for the Switch.

Yeah, exactly. Man who would have predicted this? But then again, Xbox One did alright in its first 12 months. Don't ALL new consoles do quite well on launch? Hell, the Dreamcast did and look how that turned out.

But yeah, this is the most interested I have been in a console's rivalry since the SNES/Genesis days. This battle should be Sony/Microsoft but I guess it'll be Sony/Nintendo. Two COMPLETELY different consoles and actually most likely the reason why BOTH are doing extremely well. Many people want BOTH a PS4 AND Switch.

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Gotta figure Nintendo is going to come out firing at the January direct. 

They need note-able games each quarter....  Already have Bayonetta in Feb., Let's say Fire Emblem in April, Animal Crossing in June, Pokemon in Oct....  Something like that, and maybe you get more Wii U releases to fill it all out along with some 3rd party stuff.

I honestly think the Switch will have little impact on the PS4's lifetime sales (and vice versa). Yes, there will be some effect (ie. some people who bought a PS4 before the Switch released will be satsified with owning one console, considering most people only buy 10 games per console, while some people will pick the Switch over the PS4 now and such things), but percentagewise, the impact will be small in my opinion. Of course, there's no way for me to test this hypothesis.

Anyway, I'm not surprised, because this is what the data has showed us so far. The PS4 and Switch are (launches aligned) close in the US, the Switch leads quite substantially in Japan, while the PS4 leads quite substantially in Europe. While we of course don't know how the Switch will hold up compared to the PS4 long-term, I have no doubts the Switch can easily do more than 105 million. How much more than that remains to be seen, could be a lot, could be a little, but 105 million is already a high bar.

Yep, adding the official numbers onto VGChartz numbers the comparison between Switch, PS4, Xbox One, 3DS and Wii U looks like this;

Switch still has Decembers sales numbers of the holiday season to go too which historically is a big month for Nintendo systems. Just look at 3DS, that's the month were it got most of it's sale push, especially in Japan.

I doubt it'll be so close in the long run, but keeping up to it's pace is certainly a good sign.

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Since, as this holiday season suggests, their momentum does not seem to impact one another. I don't see why they shouldn't both be successfull. Regardless of which one sells more units

You sound unhappy.