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Has Retro Studios replaced Rare?

Yahoo! (Yes it has) 19 48.72%
D'oh, I missed! (It has not) 20 51.28%

Retro Studios, though not very open about anything as of late, proved themselves successful in co-developing classic Nintendo franchises, with Metroid Prime, Donkey Kong Country Returns and Mario Kart 7.

This makes them sound oddly similar to what Rare was like back in the 90s. It helps that Metroid Prime feels like the successor to Perfect Dark (sci-fi FPS with badass female main character), and Donkey Kong Country getting two new entries in the early 2010s, while feeling very much like the original trilogy.

However, I feel that Retro Studios has yet to fully replace old Rare. To do so they would have to successfully make Nintendo-based successors to Rare's other classic Nintendo games; Killer Instinct, BattleToads, GoldenEye, Diddy Kong Racing and Banjo-Kazooie (Mario Odyssey notwithstanding).

Do you feel Retro Studios has replaced Rare?

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They don't need to be another Rare. I do want to see how they could fare with their own IP, but it's not like it has to mimic one of Rare's series.

Well, it's either them or Playtonic Games. Most people would say the current Rare isn't really the same as Rare in the 90s. And most of their original IPs are dormant now.

I say yes, because both start with R.

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SecondWar said:
Well, it's either them or Playtonic Games. Most people would say the current Rare isn't really the same as Rare in the 90s. And most of their original IPs are dormant now.

Yes, but Playtonic is much smaller and has had a difficult start.

Gears for Breakfast maybe, but they've only shown success in one genre so far.

Peh said:
I say yes, because both start with R.

Yes, that too. XD

Now if only they had a blue and golden logo to go with it.

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I've long thought the transition from Rare to Retro was amazingly smooth and successful.

Rare was hemorrhaging talent in 2000-2002, and was proving too expensive to fund or to buy. So Nintendo strikes a deal with former Iguana employees to satisfy the market Rare had previously served. The result: one of the best games ever made in Metroid Prime.

I never understood why folks bemoaned Nintendo passing on Rare in 2002, when Retro proved a perfect substitute. Seriously, Nintendo went from Banjo-Tooie and Perfect Dark in 2000, to Conker in 2001, to Metroid Prime in 2002. That's amazing.

Retro has proved remarkably durable over the last 15 years, producing great game after great game. Meanwhile, Rare has become mired in mediocrity. I think it speaks volumes to Nintendo's stewardship, and how it's essential for Retro's success and how it was vitally important to Rare's golden age -- along with, of course, the leadership of the Stampers and some of the best game designers, programmers, and composers in video game history.

If by that you mean they've been missing for too long on the Nintendo scene, yes they have replaced them.

Retro has made better games than Rare ever has. Though to be fair, the N64 days were the early days of 3D gaming.

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I'd hesitate to call them a new Rare, because they approach things very differently. While Retro has been mostly focused on revitalizing and putting a new spin on established Nintendo IPs, Rare was more about making entirely new franchises. Banjo Kazooie, Killer Instinct, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Battletoads, Perfect Dark, etc. Even the games that did involve a pre-established franchise, like DKC or Star Fox Adventures, played nothing like previous entries in the series, and in the case of DKC, basically created the Donkey Kong universe that exists currently. And Star Fox Adventures wasn't even going to involve Star Fox at all until Nintendo intervened.

Perhaps put it simply, Retro has been what Nintendo has turned to to bring a forgotten franchise back to prominence, while Rare was more of a creative bucket for entirely new ideas.

Retro started to but the output rate has become significantly less.

Rare developed 2 AAA titles every year for Nintendo. Certainly that is asking for a lot with the development scope of games today but many of Rares games were new IP. Retro has yet to do that even once.

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