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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What game would you have enjoyed more had you known nothing about it beforehand?

You know,  like being on a gaming site and getting constant news on games. 


For me it was BotW. I just started Hard mode or Master mode I guess,  and left the cave of slumber. When you come out,  well people who played it know.... 







You walk to the edge of a cliff and see the vast landscape and all you can explore. You get your Simba moment and it is really amazing. Now I saw this in trailers and probably E3 or something,  so while it was still awesome,  it would have been so much better had I not had the early sneak peeks. 


What about you?


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Uncharted 3. I was kinda disappointed initially because I knew too much about it going into it, so I wasn't surprised by the sinking ship or the crashing plane chapters. As time went on, though, I gained more appreciation for the game, and now I really like it.

Mario Odyssey, not because it has a deep spoil-able story but because you'd see spoilers in thumbnails of captures. And Nintendo just about spoiled all the kingdoms before the game even came out. We saw:






New Donk

And the mushroom kingdom was a dead giveaway on the promo art. 2 of the ones we didn't see weren't even really Kingdoms and lasted not time at all. I just feel we need to see 1, maybe 2 Worlds/Kingdoms to get sold on it. They'd show this stuff on Directs, and E3.

I think overall gaming was a bit more magical back then because you'd rarely get gaming news, and if you did it was because you were subscribed to Nintendo Power or Gamepro. And even when you got those, coverage on games was limited unless it was the focus of the magazine. I know you can resist online and directs/events like PSX, E3, etc. but it's so hard to not watch them.

Nothing really comes to mind. Though there are a ton of games I would have enjoyed more or completely avoided in the first place if I had known more.

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I'm pretty good at avoiding spoilers, or really, any kind of pre-play overexposure, so I can't think of anything. Movies on the other hand.....

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When I want a game, I don't watch any reviews, previews or news about it. Like George Costanza's dad... "I like to go in FRESH!"

As a kid I spoiled myself about every major game and it made it playing somehow better. I don't know why I stopped doing that.
Pokémon Platinum was extrem: I spoiled myself about every story and graphic change. I knew every detail about it and it became my favourite Pokémon Game until now.

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