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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What is your least favorite game this generation.

This is tough, but I am going with the order. It has everything I don't want in a game.

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You haven't played the new Zelda then...

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slab_of_bacon said:
You haven't played the new Zelda then...

Is the new Zelda that bad?

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The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild


Honorably mentioned titles

-Final Fantasy IX (PC)
-Disgaea PC (PC)
-CUPID A Free To play Visual Novel
-Freedom Planet
-Mario Kart 8
-Bravely Default

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Probably Uncharted 4, which is pretty surprising for me because while it's a solid game, I'm not exactly crazy about it.

Might be dethroned by Zelda when I finally get it.

Witcher 3. Easily.

Best mp this generation is titanfall.

From the Wii U side, maybe Tokyo Mirage Sessions? That was one dang good RPG that I really enjoyed. Switch wise, either BotW or Mario Odyssey so far.



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Looks like many people in this thread don't like zelda games. Quite shocking.