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Forums - Movies Discussion - Witcher Netflix series reportedly helmed by Daredevil and The Defenders writer/producer

Witcher Netflix series reportedly helmed by Marvel's Daredevil and Defenders writer/producer

But details are still foggy

By Robert Purchase


The Witcher Netflix series will reportedly be adapted by the driving force behind Marvel's Daredevil and Defenders shows.

Writer and producer Lauren Schmidt Hissrich will, according to Variety, be the showrunner and executive producer for The Witcher. She co-wrote and co-executive produced Daredevil and Defenders.

The Witcher Netflix series was announced in May. It's a joint venture between Polish company Platige, which has been making cinematics for The Witcher games for years, and Netflix. It has nothing to do with game maker CD Projekt Red but Witcher author and creator Andrzej Sapkowski is involved as a consultant.

The Witcher video game actor Doug Cockle, who voices Geralt in the English language version of the game, is also not involved.

We don't know much else about Netflix's Witcher series. Apparently production has begun but no actors have been publicly attached do it. There's no release date either.

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Excellent choice. I love Daredevil and The Defenders so I'm more hyped than ever for this Witcher show now.

Oh dear, we can all predict how this will turn out.

Daredevil 1, first part of 2, Jessica Jones and first part of Luke Cage have been the only good parts of that franchise.

But I'm just glad that Witcher is being done on a Netflix like service instead of a NBC or something. Fantasy shows like Witcher end up becoming like Hercules or Xena warrior princess when on full 20 some episode stations. Way too many bs filler type episodes and also love triangles galore. Or you know everyone having hooked up with everyone at some point.

Though Marvel is no exception. I mean that one lawyer lady and the black lady seem to be hooking up or flirting with every superhero. It's like the series is like "how do we make these characters connect without bringing daredevil into Punisher? Oh I know, lets have that chick come instead. But wait, what do we do with her? Lets have her get feelings for him. Brilliant"

This has great potential, but requires a good vision and dedicated people to meet high expectations. Dark humor should not be forgotten, since it gives the correct Witcher-flavor.

"The rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated."

- Single-player Game

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It needs to respect the books. I'm very afraid because a lot of Netflix (B-)series are cheesy, mostly average.