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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Capcom wants to port games to Switch not available on Nintendo systems previously

So.. dmc trilogy hd skipped switch.. let's see capcom.

PS: A resident evil 7 port would be amazing.

Capcom is slowly starting to put more games on Switch. Mega Man 11 was announced, along with Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 and 2 plus all of the Mega Man X titles. We also just found out yesterday that Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection drops in May.

Tsujimoto also recently teased that Ace Attorney on Switch.

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I feel like we'll get something from them in the January direct.

I expect many ports and few new games. Maybe the smaller series like Ace Attorney will get to the console fast, but nothing really big. Also, bring Megaman Zero Collection and release a PHYSICAL EDITION IN EUROPE.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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About time.

I am not lie. If we start getting collections I might not see the lack of Virtual Console as a huge loss anymore. Now I wonder what will be at the direct.

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OMG please slow down. You just announced like 38 ports to Switch in the last week or so. I would really, really appreciate one new title thrown in between all these ports.

I get they need to make their money back on poor investments but holy shit, give Switch owners better treatment, please. And I say this as a multiplatform owner.

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I want resident evil 5, 6 and 7 also, please!

Enhanced ports are fine, but throw a new game here and there, yeah?

That’s good news.

Less talking and more doing.

And give us Okami HD, that's one of the only games I want from Capcom.

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