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Forums - Gaming Discussion - 2019 is already looking to be a great year

Even when 2018 looks amazing as it already does, the glimpses of the year after suggest it is gonna be another great year for gaming:

For PS4:


-Ghost of Tsushima

-Death Stranding (might be 2020)


-FromSoft next project!

-Shenmue 3 (expecting another delay)

-Yakuza 2 Kiwami


Switch so far:

-Metroid Prime 4

-Bayonetta 3 (could be 2018)


This is only the stuff we know about so far...

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I expect a Pokemon Switch to be in 2019.

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Crash Team Racing Remake!!!

No it's not been announced. But it's coming 2019!

I'll be playin 5 to 20 year old games as usual.

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I love this feeling; knowing that there are amazing games coming soon or much later but you'll always have something exciting to look forward to in the near and far future for your gaming console/handhelds.

I dislike when you have a system and you're clueless about what future games may come out besides your annual 3rd party games and end up just collect dust.

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FF7 Remake should make 2019


Looks already way better than 2018. I don't understand the hype around next year.

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2019? Has even a single game actually been confirmed for a 2019 release date yet?

Almost all of these games could just as well be 2018 or 2020.

vivster said:
Looks already way better than 2018. I don't understand the hype around next year.

I think RDR2 is big with many gamers.