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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Is it safe to say Amiibo are dead?

My local Walmart isn't getting anymore restocks and they were great for amiibo. I also went to the city and checked 2 different EB games (no Amiibo at all) and a Walmart there (old unsold Animal Crossing). I feel like the only place we will be able to purchase them is Amazon in the near future. 

Also checked the EB games website and there was a piss poor selection there.


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I wish I could say yes since games have items locked behind amiibos... but they still seem to be coming out with more, which must mean there's still a market for them.

Also the GAME store near me has TONS of them in stock at all times, lol.

They just released four new Zelda amiibo.

No they are not dead lol.

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Not even close and I'm glad. I like having figures to display. Just waiting for the announcement of Xenoblade 2 amiibo.

I think your area may just be an anomaly; my Gamestop and Best Buy were absolutely stocked when I last checked.

Around the Network, understocked or older models not being stocked at all? Yes. This isn't exclusive to just Amiibo, it happens to all TTL figures.

I'm doubtful. Diehard Nintendo fans will still buy them up, even if they are a relative failure for their original purpose. If demand drops, Nintendo can simply throttle the supply, thus making them "collector's items" and upping their perceived value.

There is also the ugly chance Nintendo might give them more in-game value to counteract falling demand, as well, which would mean more and better locked content.

lmao, Walmart is the one place that never restocks amiibo. xP

They're definitely not dead, but they're not the craze they were back in late 2014/2015.

Apparently they've evolved into bootleg amiibo card form.

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I don’t think they are dead yet. Certain ones still sell well (the Mario Odyssey and Zelda Champions for example). Some don’t get much restocks but there are a bunch of leftovers of ones not many cared about.

Go look at some of the overpriced US models of Fire Emblem Amiibo on Amazon. They go for $40+ for some of them. Need to buy the JP ones for reasonable prices.

My local stores that carry Amiibo still get restocks. More often you will find not the greatest selection if the ones you want are “rare” though.