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Lets go same rules like last time. This time for December. No numbers needed
















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Ps4 > NSW > X1

Lets gooooo

Ps4 > NSW > X1

As it currently stands, I'm thinking XBO > PS4 > NSW.

Reason being that XBO seemingly came extremely close to PS4 last NPD (1.54m vs 1.4m), and that was when PS4 had the amazing 1TB $199 deal going on.
It does not have that right now, and I think the newly released Xbox One X should push XBO beyond PS4.

If something changes and PS4 gets another great deal like that, I'll change my prediction.
Or perhaps I'm overestimating the continued interest in XB1X.

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Well seeing as Xbox couldn't even win the month with all the X1X pre orders - I'm going to go with them being #3.

The ps4 isn't at $200 anymore, but who knows what deals they will do for Christmas.

I'm going with Switch -> Ps4 -> X1. That way even if PS4 wins I still get to be surprised and consider that a mini-victory.

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PS4 > Switch > Xbox One

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Acevil said:

PS4 > Switch > Xbox One

Dont copy me

Tag. I will pick the least popular option.

PS4> Xbox One> Switch. (Same as November)

1) Switch
2) PS4
3) Xbox One