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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Japanese Developers try to found a campaign for localize it's games (Switch/Xbox One/Vita)


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Yup, Xbox One too.


Well, Poisoft and SMILEAXE have right now a campaign each on Kickstarter for founds to localize their games.

Order Land! a JRPG from Poisoft (Switch/Xbox) and PhotonCube, a puzzle from SMILEAXE (Switch/PS Vita).

They're want ¥2,000,000 (~$17.630) - Order Land! and ¥1,500,000 (~$13.222) - PhotonCube.

Order Land! ->

PhotonCube ->


I think important their success, because more tiny developers may will do the same and we'll have a chance to play Japan-Only games on English. My opinion.

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I like this. This is a much safer bet due to the game being already done, much less risky on the devs part, and if the kickstarter fails, chances are, there weren't that many people interested in the game anyway.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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