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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Yahoo "Nintendo CEO: It's about having great games and a great d..."

Reggie discusses Nintendo's place in the market, and the increased success of Nintendo in the marketplace. However, I saw the title, and I knew that I wouldn't stop wanting to share it until I posted it here. Text truncations like this MUST be shared!



Nintendo CEO: It's about having great games and a great d...


CNBC's Julia Boorstin sits down with Ninetendo CEO Reggie Fils-Aime to discuss innovations in technology, platforms and global strategy.

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I'd love for Reggie to give me the d. A great d.

Great boobs?

D ... D-D ?

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Nintendo is bragging about their dick? :O

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Reporter: "Are you going to copy Sony?"

Reggie: "No, we're confident about our d."

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Yeah gimme that D reggie


That's not how you say my name...

last92 said:
Great boobs?

Divine Boobs, my dude. 

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Monkey D Reggie.