Forums - Gaming Discussion - Is psvr/VR worth buying. Is it gonna be atound for a while?

Psvr w/t one move controller, camera and Psvr worlds @369 euro

Worth it. Buy. 1 100.00%
Not worth it. Dont buy. 0 0.00%
Wait for a new iteration/ price cut. 0 0.00%

Yo people. I very nearly bought a PSVR heaset Pvr wirlds bundle and a pro controller, today for 369 euro but I thought i'd wait until I mull it over until ive slept on the idea. 

What I want to know is what is the general consensus about psvr and VR in general. Is it going to be a regretful purchase because games dry up and the whole things die or can i count on it at leadt being here for tbe rest of ps4s life cycle.?

I know great game have and are still being released as well as 1mil psvr units sold but im still a little hesitant. 

I currently have 4 or 5 psvr games from ps+ and supported games. I just need some advics from gaming enthusiasts.

To VR or not to VR?

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