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Forums - Sony Discussion - I think Death Stranding gameplay will be similar to Telltales The Walking Dead

This rumor is from me. The quote as well. 


Now that I have your attention, what do you think or want the gameplay to be like? I think we are all thinking like MGS gameplay or Silent Hill, but it could be First Person. What do you think?!


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MGS like. End of discussion.

It's most likely going to be a third person shooter. Since kojims said it will attract fans of games similar to the division and uncharted. He also said it will be an action game.

I'm.expecting a third person action shooter

I have nothing against the point and click genre per se, but still feel like you owe me a mid-ranged dinner, with drinks afterwards, for that thread title. I'm hoping for third person. I feel it almost HAS to be. As for what shape that will take....I wouldn't be surprised to see some flavor of MGS present, but the overall experience will probably be something fairly different.

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I've never played The Division, but Uncharted? That's surprising, I wonder how that will work since Uncharted sweet spot is the balance between platforming, set-pieces, and the 3rd person shooting. Also, what are the enemies?


Coktoe: haha


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The real question is how high do I have to get to play it

Jesus Christ I almost had a heart attack!

Death Stranding is a PS4, system background.

Absolutely nailed it, walking simulator with a bit of point click. In no way a cross between MGS and Horizon, whose engine it uses.

You think it will have almost no gameplay and no replayability whatsoever?