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The third and final Beta starts on Jan 18, and you can use the same client you downloaded last time. Otherwise, look for it in the "Demos" section on PSN from Jan 17.
No PS Plus requirement to play the Beta online this time either.

New for the third Beta is that they've added a 4th quest, where the target boss is none other than the flagship monster of the game, Nergigante!

As per usual, if you beat this quest, you'll get bonus DLC items carrying over to the full version of the game.
But beware! Capcom have said that Nergigante is more powerful in this Beta than he is in the full game, and you only get 15 minutes to beat him.

We get a Training Arena to practice for the big hunts. Four different quests where up to 4 players can participate through co-op. And the rewards we earn for completing missions will carry over to the full game.

Monster Hunter: World™ Third Beta

Starting from 6 p.m. (PST) Thursday, January 18th ~ Monday January 22nd 6 p.m. (PST), 2018!

Get a taste of adventure in the new world of Monster Hunter!

The Monster Hunter: World beta test will use worldwide multiplayer matchmaking to test server load for the upcoming release. For the duration of the beta test, any PlayStation®Plus member can participate to join in the hunt with players from around the world!

Main Contents

Single Player

Play online single player by departing alone on any of the quests.

  • You must be online even when playing single player.


Participate in multiplayer with players from around the world.

  • You also have the option during quest creation to set a language filter, which will match you only with players with the same language as you.
  • Certain online features will be unavailable in the beta, such as the ability to join quests midway through, Guild Cards, removing other players from a quest, and friend invites (these features will be available in the full retail version).

Three Different Quests

"Great Devourer, Great Jagras"
Great Jagras Hunt
Locale: Ancient Forest "Wildspire Rampage"
Barroth Hunt
Locale: Wildspire Waste "The Ancient Forest Menace"
Anjanath Hunt
Locale: Ancient Forest

Character Creation and Naming

You will be able to choose from six different presets each for male and female hunters, as well as six presets for your Palico, and give them each a name of your choosing. (The full retail version will feature much deeper customization features!)

Voice and Text Chat

Training Area

Test out any of the 14 different weapon types in a private training space!


Participation Bonuses

You can get special bonuses for participating in the beta!

Face Paint

Completing any of the three quests featured in the beta will earn you one Face Paint to customize your character with in the full retail version.

Item Sets

Completing each of the three quests for the first time will earn you item sets you can use in the full retail version. Items include lifepowder, max potions, shock traps, and lots more that will help you out on the hunt!

Important Notes About This Beta:

  • The beta schedule is subject to change or cancellation without notice.
  • This beta is online only. An internet connection is required to participate.
  • Data will not be saved. Once the application is closed, your character's name, appearance, equipment, and all other settings will be reset to default.
  • Quest completion data will be saved to the server.
  • To claim participation bonuses in the full retail version, you must be logged into the same Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) account that was used at the time the quests were completed in the beta.
  • Size: 5.1 GB.
  • Not compatible with PlayGo.
  • Trophies are not available.
  • Compatible with PS Vita Remote Play.
  • Customer Support will not be available for the beta.


Check out these tips before playing the beta!

Downloadable Control Guide

Download PDF

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Tagging this thread for comments and impression posting later.


How does MH even work? You can solo small monsters but for the bigger ones, you have to team up?

pokoko said:
How does MH even work? You can solo small monsters but for the bigger ones, you have to team up?

The games vary in how they implement it, but this is basically how it goes. There are basically three ranks of monsters: low, high, and G-rank. Each rank provides you with better materials to make better gear. Depending on the game in question, the high/g-ranks will be unavailable until you play multiplayer or they will be available but the monsters are way too hard to solo until you get better gear. In some games you can have felynes join battle with you in single-player. Some games don't have G-rank at all, and you have to wait for the expansion. High rank monsters are faster, have more attack patterns, have more hp, hit harder, etc than low rank. G-rank monsters hit harder and so forth than high rank. Some monsters are only available in a certain rank, while others just get their stats boosted if you play them at a higher rank. The main goal of a quest is to usually kill a big monster, but there are variations on that. Some quests are just collecting materials. Basically monster hunter is a game for people who love grinding and the results grinding provides them. 

I am unsure how they are doing this in World since the game seems to allow any players to drop in whenever. 

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Thanks for the heads up. I forgot this was going on this month.

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Online only single player? ewwww

Bet Shiken that COD would outsell Battlefield in 2018.

oh boi oh boi i'm so excited.

(this game proves i'm a hypocrite graphics whore)

Oh so it starts tomorrow but you can download it now, that's fine I can wait another day.


We need psplus, no way i gona subcribe this month.


ClassicGamingWizzz said:
We need psplus, no way i gona subcribe this month.

Just create a new account and do the 2 day free PS+ trial. (Look up a guide on Youtube to see how it's done. Very quick and simple.)

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