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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Thoughs on Zelda: BotW 2nd DLC (add yours)


Are you satisfied with BotW's DLC packs

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Sooo... I'm already into the new DLC and have mixed feelings about it.


First, I like that there are at least 16 new Shrines (I've completed 4 standard Shrines, wHich reward you with the standard Orbs, and 3 "Champion Shrines", each of it unlocked by a "challenge" consisting in defeating certain enemy, racing through rings, etc.). The Shrines are pretty good (as good as the best of the standard game) and the challenges are nice.

However, I feel that this Expansion Pass doesn't add anything new to the base game. These are all things that coud have been in th original game (in fact, I think that is where they belong) and not in a DLC that is supposed to add something new (gameplay wise) to the existing experience. There are new dialogues, new items, new cutscenes about the deceased champions, nice Shrines (at least 16) and challenges (at least 12, 3 per champion, and at least 4 more if you count the requirements to unlock the standard shrines), etc., but most of the unexplored possibilities that were in the game, and that I expected (like rebuilding Hyrule Castle Town like we did with Tarry Town, or being allowed to dive in order to explore the depths of Hyrule water bodies, or having more minigames, since the ones in the base game are very limited) aren't there. Neither new enemies or bosses (in fact, SPOILER, except for the new divine beast, which I pressume has it's own new boss, you just revisit the previous divine beast bosses once you complete each champion challenge). Also, what do I want new armors for If I've already completed the 4 main divine beasts?

No new post-game content, which was what I was expecting (since the "good" ending points towards that), and no advancements in the story (just new insights about the deceased champions, at least as far as I've reached).

TldR: A good amount of content, but none of it truly new in terms of story or gameplay mechanics. Great DLC for anyone who is about to start the game, since it adds lots of interesting things, but not too appealing for anyone like me, who has invested more than 200 hours in the game and completed almost everything in the main game.

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Sounds good to me, imo.

Haven't played BotW in months. Don't 'have the DLC yet, so when I jump back in, I will be starting the game over on Master Mode. I will have all this extra content. More outfits, shrines, ect and also fleshes out the Champions more, which the main game could use some more story fleshing and also have the whole trial of the sword to do.

To me all of that seems worth $20.

I never liked the idea of Castle Town rebuilding. Post game would be stupid. There would be no enemies, or they would not respawn, cause Blood moon would be gone. The Guardians would seemingly no longer be hostile. So what the heck would you do? Run around the world cutting down trees to rebuild a town? Even if they added some big new cool hidden dungeon that was like a real dungeon and not a divine beast, post game stuff would just be bad. The lore of this game would make the world become empty essentially of enemies. Without Calamity Ganon there is no blood moon or evil guardians.

But well, I'll find out how I like it in like February or something. Xenoblade 2 is keeping me too busy to even consider anything else right now.

I'm still on the fence about buying the DLC. There's some interesting things (especially the hero's path), but it doesn't really seem to be that good overall.

my thoughts is that i am annoyed that Nintendo released this only six days after Xenoblade making me choose between them.

Nothing to see here, move along

I think you had set your expectations too high for what the DLC could be. It would have been nice to have new enemies though I'll grant you that but for $20 I think we got a good deal.

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my only complaint is it released too close to xenoblade i have to juggle both games

melbye said:
my thoughts is that i am annoyed that Nintendo released this only six days after Xenoblade making me choose between them.



Although I am a Zelda fanatic, I am going with Xenoblade.  I am too absorbed into the game now and taking a break and risking forgetting some of the mechanics is not worth it.

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Pretty cool.

That's all I'll say, because I don't wanna spoil anyone else, and definitely don't want to be spoiled so goodbye.

Haven't started it yet. It's more Zelda and I'm always down for more Zelda!

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I'm playing Xenoblade right now ... ugh !

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