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Forums - General Discussion - $77M Dollars in Bitcoins stolen by hacker group




The hackers took off with 4,700 Bitcoins which converts into 77,526,523.50 US Dollars

"Highly professional" hackers made off with around 4,700 Bitcoin from a leading mining service, a Bitcoin exchange has said.


The hacked service was NiceHash, a Slovenia-based mining exchange.

It said it was working hard to recover the Bitcoin for its users, adding: "Someone really wanted to bring us down."

The theft comes as the price of Bitcoin continues to surge, dumbfounding experts and stoking concerns of a bubble.

High-stakes attacks like this are not uncommon, with several large breaches and thefts hitting Bitcoin and other related services over the past year.

NiceHash is a mining service, a company that pairs up people with spare computing power with those willing to pay to use it to mine for new Bitcoin.


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Those hacking bitches! I won't lie, I started using NiceHash a few weeks ago and was able to accumulate 5 dollars.. So sad! :(

Just wait a few months and they'll be worth nothing again. There won't be much of a difference if hackers stole your bitcoins or greedy bankers by bursting the bubble.

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

Predictably, cryptocurrency robberies are as dull as I imagined. Well, good luck to them trying to spend their play money in the next few years.

It was only a matter of time

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