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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Soul Calibur VI Announced for PS4, X1 and PC

Looks Good, let's wait for the bandai event for more information


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Lol, the leak was wrong! Guess I'll be getting the PS4 version all the way!

No switch version....





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Very strange that they are skipping the Switch. Must have started it before the Switch blew up.

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No Switch version = dissapointed

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Love soul calibur

I game on all consoles and PC


Coming to Steam whooo!

I hope they make a HD collection of the first 3 games or a HD port of II to modern platforms.


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Nice one. Sophitia is back, so no more sisters and daughters clones!

Bodes well for the roster.


... I may or may not LOVE the Soul Calibur games :o

Nice, very excited for this. Now we just need Virtua Fighter 6.