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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Opinion: Nintendo Switch will still FAIL


Will the Switch fail just like the WII U?

Yes; without a strong 3rd party support 35 18.72%
No; Switch does not need 3rd party support 82 43.85%
Other 54 28.88%
See Poll Results 16 8.56%

Now you are welcome to disagree with me and this is all my opinion. But after carefully observing the Switch over months I have concluded that it's a fad that will wash away painfully soon. I will admit that it offers a great concept but without a substantial 3rd party support it will have the same fate that the WII U had. Thus far the Switch has enjoyed great AAA 1st party exclusives such as Zelda and Mario releases but if we think about it Nintendo never had to suffer with the 1st party support, they have always had strong 1st party backing and as much as I hate to bring this up again, they need huge 3rd party backing from Activision, EA, Ubisoft etc.   You may hate COD, Battlefield, Madden, Assassins Creed etc. and a lot of Nintendo fans will naturally not pay too much attention to those titles however in order to target the massive amount of casual consumers Nintendo needs support from those giant publishers.  EA has recently announced that aside from a FIFA port they have no desire to publish any of their AAA games for the Nintendo platform,   Activision has refused to even comment on the possibility of brining COD to the Switch (can you imagine how great of an idea it would be to play COD on the go?   DOOM is fantastic on the Switch). Ubisoft and other major publishers have also been rather unenthusiastic about the Switch.

Therefor, I am convinced that the Switch is a fad that will go away within a year or two. And I am not a hater by any means as a matter fact I want it to succeed because i believe it's a very unique concept, however with lackluster 3rd party AAA support it has a very predictable fate.

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How can it have the same fate as Wii U when it will outsell it in its first year?

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First define failure to me.


Acevil said:
First define failure to me.

OP's post

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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
Acevil said:
First define failure to me.

This post

This quote

The lack of 3rd parties wasn't one of the major reasons for the failure of the Wii U.

The Wii, DS and 3DS didn't seem to suffer from their lack of 3rd party games.

Conclusion: 3rd party games won't have a huge influence on the sales of the Switch.

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The Wii U failed in spite of the lack of third-party support, not because of it. The Wii proved that Nintendo can succeed without third parties. Their handhelds arguably prove it as well, an important point of observation considering the Switch is technically a hybrid handheld/home system. Arguably the only third-party games that will be of any real importance on the Switch are Monster Hunter and Dragon Quest.


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I don't disagree with the idea that the Switch may be a fad. I think there is a decent chance that much of the Switches early success is due to a combination of its novelty, and Nintendo having a far stronger year than we normally see from them, and that this success won't be long term.

However, a system can be successful and be a fad. The Wii was a fad. It sold like crazy for 3 years and then tanked. But it was still a success.

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