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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Farcry 5 and The Crew 2 delayed


Farcry 5 delayed from February 27th 2018, to march 27th 2018.

The Crew 2, delayed from March 16th 2018 to first half of Fiscal 2018-19 (anywhere from April 2018 to September 2018)


"Announced in a press release sent to Glixel this morning, Ubisoft said it would be "investing more time" into each of the games, though it didn't elaborate much further on why they were delayed. Rather it pointed to the critical and commercial success of Assassin's Creed Origins to explain the delay. 

 “This decision is in line with our strategic vision of developing even more engaging and higher quality experiences for gamers," Christine Burgess-Quémard, Ubisoft’s Worldwide Studios Executive Director, said in the release. "Taking more time with Assassin’s Creed Origins enabled our talented development team to fully express their creative vision. As expected, this had a very positive impact on the game’s quality and largely participated to its commercial success. Taking a similar approach, we have decided to invest additional development time in three upcoming games.”"

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I'm actually quite interested in this Farcry 5. My friend and I love coop style games and there's just been a severe lack of them lately (PS4). We've been playing 7 Days to Die but there's not much left to do there.

I'm okay with a delay so long as it yields a more polished game.