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Forums - Gaming Discussion - New Tomb Raider Game Coming 2018 [Two Words]

I'm not sure I'm that interested. I sold the last game before I completed it. Why aren't Twitter links working now?


The PS5 Exists. 

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I shall look forward to playing another Tomb Raider game.

Multi from the off, or get in the toilet with this one.

GRAMMAR NAZI ALERT! "Tomb Raider" is two separate words.

Rise was a step in the right direction but the rebooted franchise is still so far from greatness.

It needs to stick to a single identity and grow from there. Personally, I hope it moves toward survival. Endurance mode was the best thing to happen to Rise. That should be the foundation moving forward.

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So close...


cool, the last two games have been excellent so i'm looking forward to it.

Hopefully they do what's right for the series and announce ps4 day 1