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I still need to finish Rise of the Tomb Raider :x


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I wonder if they'll take inspiration from Breath of the Wild for this game with the climb all surfaces concept...

Im down for another TR game. Loved the previous ones.

Still need to play Rise, probably wait for it to hit Game Pass it be on a massive sale. But the 2013 or whenever reboot was very good.

This is pretty exciting, I played Rise for the first time this year in January as my first Tomb Raider game and loved it. Think it's the only "action adventure" game I admire a lot(not including Zelda). For me I was surprised at how great the open world was incorporated. A bit too generic at times but still great fun. The irony is that I payed like 30$ on it but I found a voucher for it for free with my GTX 970 from a year ago. Guess I somehow forgot the free game for over a year ! haha oh well

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I, too, still have to play Rise, but I'm all in for a new Tomb Raider game. Still, these announcements of an announcement are getting out of hand.

Anyway, I think they'll reveal it at E3 and launch it late next year too.

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I would like one with more locations.

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Weird, I heard MS killed the IP.

Anywho, RotTR was great and I will gladly play a successor.

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Hoping it takes more story elements from Tomb Raider (2013) versus Rise. That said, I'm not really a fan of these announcements of upcoming announcements.

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Not surprising. I hope they improve the story and acting. The reboot had great gameplay, but everything else was pretty bad. Just finally bought Rise on PSN bc it went down to $19.