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Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony says it can not ignore the Switch

Sony's Head of Corperate Planning Kazuhiko Takeda spoke with Nikkei recently saying, "...we can't ingnore the Nintendo Switch...". Kaz said that there business model "...involves selling both the game console and the software for it...". Going forward they are looking to get consumers paying for content continuously, using paid subscriptions as an example.


Are they looking at expanding the PlayStation platform? The best way to get people continuously paying for content through your devices, is to give them access to your OS and Storefront 24/7, in any situation. If they want to compete with the Switch, they need a new device like the Vita that has full access to the PS4 library of software and services. A phone in the form factor of the Vita, running on the PS4 OS and delivering the full PS4 expereince anywhere is the key to Sony recapturing a portion of the mobile space. 

Who is interested in a mobile device offering the full PS4 expereince?

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As great as that would be, is it even possible?

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If you look at the PS vita + vita TV combo it's kind of like the original switch. Maybe next generation Sony will do something more serious in the portable market.

I'm not so fond on the subscription idea though, unless it's linked with PS Plus. I don't want to pay for more subscriptions, or pay more money. Plus once Sony gets a sniff on confidence, their services drop in quality. The last two/ three years of ps plus have sucked in comparison to the PS3 days, only in the last couple of months has the quality picked up again.

I have to say I admire how dedicated you are to thinking about how Playstation should be ran and if it isn't ran the way you want it to be then fuck Sony!

That being said I don't really want Sony to have a monopoly, and honestly a PS4 phone is wishful thinking. I don't think it would even be all that.

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So... Vita 2 confirmed?

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I think this thread has taken his comment in that Q and A a little too far.....

That would be expensive as hell

At this time, it would be finantially unwise to do that. And when the tech becomes powerful enough to do so, Nintendo will probably have the Switch 2 already ready to go.

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The switch comment was about the potential of strong competition to hurt their estimated profit margins, not that that the switch business model is where they are looking to expand into.

As long as Sony makes the profit they are looking to make it's irrelevant how well Switch sells.