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Forums - Movies Discussion - Ryan Reynolds is Detective Pikachu

Yes, you heard it right. Deadpool and Green Lantern star Ryan Reynolds is the voice of Detective Pikachu in the upcoming movie.

I mean, it ain't good old Danny, but it's the next best thing, imo.

Here's the article

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... Wot.

I both LOVE and hate this, lol :P

I expect a lot of crude comedy from this movie now :P

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They're going for the "total wiseass" characterization route. Why not.

Loll da faq


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Should have been Danny DeVito, too bad he turned it down.

Hope this turns out good. Doubt it though.

KLAMarine said:
Hope this turns out good. Doubt it though.

It doesn't sound good on paper, but I'm hopeful just because of the writer, which is the Gravity Falls creator. And the co-writer co-wrote Guardians of the Galaxy. It's still the weirdest idea ever but, who knows, maybe it works.

Such a weird pick for the voice of Pikachu. Now I imagine some comical, dirty mouth pikachu. That might make this more fun xD



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Need to see a teaser or a trailer ;(


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