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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What is your most played game of all time?


How many hours have you put into that game?

<100hr 2 2.41%
100 - 200hr 6 7.23%
200 - 500hr 17 20.48%
500 - 1000hr 11 13.25%
1000 - 2000hr 9 10.84%
2000 - 3000hr 10 12.05%
3000 - 4000hr 3 3.61%
4000 - 5000hr 2 2.41%
5000+ hr 15 18.07%
I have no idea 8 9.64%

What's yours? I won't get into semantics about including remakes or any of that stuff so it's up to you to decide, if it would influence your answer in any way.



As for me, it's undoubtedly Age of Empires 2. I played a lot of Age of Kings and even more when the Conquerors expansion came out. After, I play it on and off and got the Forgotten Empires mod which added new difficulties and civilizations. This Black Friday, I finally got the HD version with all the DLC so I don't see myself stopping any time soon :p

Unfortunately, Age of Empires 2 doesn't track total in game time but each game averages from 1-2hrs and I have been playing the game, though inconsistently, for about 15 years so it really adds up. My guess is 4000+ hrs

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Goldeneye 64, followed by Super Mario World probably.

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Most likely Rollercoaster Tycoon 2. I have played that pretty much non-stop since it released. It's too bad those old games don't tell time, but it has got to be like 10,000 hours or something. I actually should try to make an educated guess in some way, could be interesting. Probably relatively not that far behind is SimCity 4, closely followed by Anno 1602.

Hmmm, probably Counter Strike Global Offensive, Monster Hunter 4, Skyrim, Super Mario 3D World, and Dark Souls(all time added up)

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World of Warcraft. No other game will be remotely close. I've played that game off and on since 2007 some days during the "addiction" period I would have weekends that would just be playing WoW with some friends when I'm not playing my Switch/PS4/other PC game. I'm pass the "addiction" point but still have fun with the game. Have a couple servers that I play to max level at the beginning of every expansion. Still play it to this day because of getting enough gold each month to play for free with tokens that i've saved up especially during the prior expansion (WoD). I'm scared to look at my "/played" time...If anything I would guess at least 5000+ hours.

Every expansion draws me back in for a couple months...along with a couple friends that I've played with.

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Heh, Age of Empires 2 too! . Weirdly, I'm not a huge fan of strategy games now, but when the game releases, it was common in our village to meet to play it. That went for 5 years maybe, so it's probably my most played game to date. I don't usually put a lot of hours into videogames, except for AoE and WoW. But I don't think WoW came close to what AoE achieved XD.

Not completely sure. If i had to take an educated guess, it'd either be The original Legend Of Zelda or Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. 3 most likely. I have played and beaten it at least 20-30 times since I was a kid (including rereleases of course).

Next would probably be Civ 5.

Honestly??? The stats don't says it right in the game. Close to 300 hrs on NFS: Hot Pursuit (2010) on ps3. I OWN that game. In fact, it's the greatest damn freaking racing game I've ever played. There's something incredibly addictive about it (especially when matched against racers on your level - SO INTENSE!) and 8 years later, the online is STILL active! Goes to show you what an incredible game criterion have delivered.

OP you have a superior taste in games compared to 99.9% of other gamers.

For me it's either Starcraft: Brood War or Warcraft 3.

Probably Warcraft 3.