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As you may know by now, MS/Mojang have been running Minecraft Realm servers for some time now. The realms are currently available on Xbox and PC (Both Java and 10). I decided to give realms a test run on Windows 10, and it seems to run decently, as well as giving all the access needed for creative/adventure/survival modes.


Currently I have up to 4 members on my rented realm. I was wondering if anyone out there would fancy joining the server and having some fun. I currently allow for all 3 modes of play. The map space is infinite within the rented realm (afaik), and currently allows for cross play and cross invites to Xbox (Switch will follow sometime next year).

I am able to generate a realm invite for those using the Windows 10 version (though I'm not sure if the Java version can accept the same link), but for Xbox, I'd have to add the user and then send them an invite.


Would anyone fancy joining the realm?.


This thread will also serve as one where we can all share our rented or custom realms as well, so don't be afraid to share your own, if you'd like more company.


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I'm already on the realm but this is a neat idea, hopefully more people join

I'll join when they bring the feature to the Switch. That's the only version of Minecraft I own.


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I've never used the Windows 10 version, but I'd give it try while visiting your realm

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