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Forums - Gaming Discussion - If the Megaman livestream is not a dissapointment, here is what I think megaman needs...

Im a big Megaman fan.I love X and I believe the first and third X games are some of the best games on the Super Nintendo.But I also dont want Megaman to stay niche(even though his overall importance to the industry) and being one of the most recognizable charachters of the industry, megaman deserves to sell well and be relevant.If this livestream dosent end up being a dissapointment and games end up being revealed, this is what I want them to do:

Megaman series: For the original Megaman series, I want them to stay "true" to the franchise, to be a 2D sidescroller.But I also dont want them to simply make the same megaman game and put the franchise into stagnation once again.I really hope Capcom wont be shy to throw away franchise staples if need to be, much like BOTW, if thats going to make a better game and most importantly, will make Megaman fresh again.

Legends series: This one is easy, and the answer is simply get back on making Legends 3.As for the newcomers that didnt play the earlier games, just remaster them and put them in a collection, or just plain port them to current consoles.Its an "easy" decision that will make everyone happy.

X series: Now I want this to be the one that push Megaman foward.Much like Prime made Samus jump from 2D to 3D, the X series should be the Prime games for Megaman.Reboot the entire series, forget that X one through 8 ever existed, since the story is a gigantic mess by this point, and start over.Make the story a focus, since the X series always had some interesting story points like identity, resons to fight, and just an overall bigger importance to story compared to the original megaman, and be in a 3D space.And most importantly:make it work.I know there has been a prototype of the exact type of game I am talking about, but that game already started on the wrong foot.Why give X a freaking gun instead of using his awesome X-buster?There is need for inovation yes, but dont just throw away all tradition and elements that would be perfect for the game.


I know I have said in another thread about not getting my hopes up for this event, but here I am, after hering through videos on youtube about this event, and getting excited.Oh well.What do you guys think?Liked my ideas or not?

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