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I play through Arkham origins every year because it’s based around Christmas and has a cool haunting soundtrack to go with some joker one liners that really make the only christmasy game I can think of.  Are there any other games, from past gens or recently, that have that Christmas story/vibe?

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IIRC the N64 South Park game was set during xmas.

Dead Rising 4 is what comes to mind. Believe it or not, I actually really like the game. Mowing down zombies is just pure bliss, more so that previous entries in the series.

And hey, franks big package edition is coming to PS4 in a few days, so I would recommend that.

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Kingdom Hearts series.

For some reason I always feel the urge to play it around Christmas time - I kinda missed the mark as I'm still playing some other stuff but I'm expecting to start the first game on PS4 again sometime this month.

It'll be my 5th playthrough with Kingdom Hearts 1 - the first 3 times on PS2, 4th time on PS3 and now on PS4.


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Christmas Nights into Dreams.

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Well probably Banjo Kazooie if I still had an XBox

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