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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - I've gotten my very first ever nintendo console, now please help!


Which should I get?

Pokken DX 4 4.35%
BotW 75 81.52%
X-2 13 14.13%

I bought a switch two days ago.  I've never owned a nintendo console before in my life, until two days ago.  I was able to get a 100 dollars discount on the console, but I didn't buy any games.

I bought Puyo Puyo Tetris, but...  I imported the PS4 and PS Vita versions from Japan, two years ago, because I never thought it would come to the US.  Honestly, I'd rather play it on PS4, still, since I don't wanna have to go through the adventure mode, unlocking everything again, no matter what language the game is in.

Not very interested in Mario Odyssey, but this Legend of Zelda seems to have a lot of 10/10 reviews.  I've heard of link, but I've never played any of the games, for obvious reasons.  So, I was thinking about doing that.

And, then there's Pokken.  I mean..  I like Tekken, so I might like pokken?

But, it's going to be pokken, zelda, or maybe xeno/whatever it's being called now.  The last and only game i played in the series was Xenosaga episode I on PS2.  I liked it, and completed it, if that helps.

And, before the Wii U, I was very anti-nintendo.  I thought the Wii-U was just an "ok" device, but nothing I actually wanted to own, or play on.  The switch, being even better was enough for me to even have the thought of owning the console.  Then, I had an opportunity to get it at 100 dollars discounted, and I figured now was the time, because I wouldnt get another chance at that price, for at least another two years.  So, other than the stuff I see people play on twitch or youtube, I really don't know jack squat about the games.

I'm also totally against getting multi-plats on the Switch.  That is weird, for the same reason it's weird to get multiplats on PS4.  I have a GTX 1080 Ti FTW3, so all multiplats are on PC.  So, no Skyrim, I have it on steam, and haven't touched it.  No Doom either, I also have that on steam.

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Try BotW

The Zelda games arent really connected via story, there's cameos and easter egg like occurrences/appearances that would make sense if you played previous games but you can seriously start with BotW.

It'll also provide you a lot of play time since the game is so huge.


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I don't care if you're interested in Odyssey or not. Get it. Expand your horizons. Try something new.

Cerebralbore101 said:
I don't care if you're interested in Odyssey or not. Get it. Expand your horizons. Try something new.

The only mario game I am interest in, is the one where you can make custom levels.  Can't justify Mario at 60 dollars.  I already play plenty of different genres of games, mario isn't adding anything new for me.

There's a demo for Pokken Tournament.

I can certainly recommend Breath of the Wild if you're into open world games with a lot of exploration (and less story).

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Flilix said:
There's a demo for Pokken Tournament.

I can certainly recommend Breath of the Wild if you're into open world games with a lot of exploration (and less story).

I mean...  a good game, is a good game.  I've got about 80 different games on my genesis, and round 250 on PS3.  Those two consoles make up a majority of my collection.  Almost everything is covered, save for game genres that weren't around in those consoles lifespans.


omfg, those poll result...  I was thinking about getting it anyway, but I guess now, it's settled.  I've got it downloading once I edit this message, lol.  We'll see what I'm in for.

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Try ARMS. I really doubt you will have played anything like that before! Especially fun in multiplayer hedlock scramble. BOTW is pretty much a no-brainer, as it is a massive,epic and awesome game. Mario kart 8D is a lot of fun, particularly if you haven't played the Wii u version. Can't really answer your pokken question, as i've only played it on the Wii u demo.
As for Odyssey,i know you said you weren't interested but if you have any interest in platformers at all, i would recommend it, as it's probably the best one ever made! This is coming from someone who hasn't ever stuck with a Mario game before. Odyssey is awesome but your choice if it's not your thing. I feel like you are going to mainly want Nintendo exclusives for your machine but Fast RMX is a decent choice too. Also, maybe Splatoon 2 might be worth a look.Again, i doubt if you have played a shooter like that before!



In my opinion the N64 was not just the best console of the 5th gen but, to this day the best console ever created!

I created a semi-similar thread recently, except I hadn’t bought one yet (I’ll be getting it for Christmas). I think it’s a pretty big testament to the appeal of Switch that it’s attracting buyers who are brand new to Nintendo systems!

Here’s a link to my thread. The answers I got to questions 3 and 4 may be helpful to you.

BoTW > X2 > Odyssey >>>>>>> Other >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Pokken.

Others: Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, Golf Story, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Snipperclips


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Oh man you missed some killer games back in the N64 days if you old enough. But yeah BotW is a given. Amazing game. Never played a xeno or pokemon game so cant help there.