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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What is the consensus on mobile games on consoles?

Saw that video from Jim and he made some good points. These mobile ports are nothing new on consoles, been happening since last generation. I'm sure there are some good ports, and someone out there might have enjoyed them, so we should be looking at the titles individually. Still the general feeling I got is that the mobile games tend to be free/1$ while the console ports have some hefty markups. Are these greedy mobile publishers or are they just levelling with the standard store prices?

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I have no problem with it. But if they are free on mobile devices, then I expect to pay five dollars or less. Unless it is a really prime game, then more is obviously acceptable. That usually does not happen though.

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A consensus is an agreement by all or at least the majority on any given issue.

So I'm not sure you'll find a consensus here, at best you can ask everyone's opinions.

Mine is that I don't care for mobile games, they are a sub-category mostly aimed at casuals. In other words: I have a PS4 to play games like The Last of Us, Bloodborne, Dark Souls, Uncharted, Nier Automata or Persona 5 and NOT to play games like Candy Crush or Angry Birds.

Video games are a passion of mine, not a pass-time while the bus I'm waiting for gets here or dinner is ready.

So I welcome mobile games on consoles just as much as I welcome lootboxes and micro-transactions

Implosion Never Lose Hope is a pretty cool action game on Switch. It's not quite platinum but it is fun. Levels are small but make sense since it was a phone game. It's like a pocket version of MGR.

Bring them on, and bring apps to consoles as well. As a gamer, I would love to see everything available on PS4, XBO, and Switch. I don't want a PC or a Smartphone, but I am not against the apps/programs they run. Give me the ability to play Mobile games on my console and handheld, and I will gladly drop a few dollars your way. Same goes for creative programs as well.

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This one game on the Switch is $25 that's free on mobile, but the app version has hundreds of dollars of DLC.

Also, some games on mobile are honestly tremendous. I'd happily pay for something such as Monument Valley on the Switch if they made it longer and more feature packed.

As long as they don't cheap out, then I'm fine with it. We should vote with our wallets.

I am sure it isn´t the consensus, but I will always skip those games. I didn´t buy a PS4pro to play games that could run on the PS Vita and have the same fidelity.

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I am not against mobile games; my best friend is a mobile game.
I just don't like them taking the place of Real games: console and PC games.

I personally don't care, the only thing is most mobile games are cheap garbage that a lot of the time seems to just be copied from other games/apps. That type of shit shouldn't even be allowed on app stores, let alone consoles. 

You included the video from Jim Sterling and he's said a lot as well about the type of cheap trash that has been allowed to be put on Steam. 

Looking at the "Coming soon" section of the Eshop does make me wary about the future of these games. It seems like we are in the period where low quality mobile/indie titles are flooding the Eshop, as if we were suddenly on Steam.

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