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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Persona 5 worldwide shipments top two million

My personal G.o.t.y.

Atlus notes that Persona 5 has earned critical acclaim since its initial launch, receiving recognition and awards from media outlets and fans. Most recently, Persona 5 has been nominated in four categories for The Game Awards 2017, which will be held on December 7, including “Game of the Year,” “Best Art Direction,” “Best Score / Music,” and “Best Role-Playing Game.”

Other awards include:

Japan Game Awards 2015 – Future Division Award

PlayStation Awards 2016 – Gold Prize / Users’ Choice Prize Winner

VFX-Japan Awards 2017 – Game Video Division Excellence Award

IGN Japan Games of the Year 2016 – No. 1 Title

Dengeki Online Awards 2016 – No. 1 Best Console Title

Dengeki PlayStation Awards 2016 – No. 1 Best Title of 2016

Famitsu Awards 2016 – Excellence Award

CEDEC Awards 2016 – Game Design Division Excellence Award

Famitsu Overall Games Poll – No. 1 Title in the All Genres Division / No. 1 Title in the RPGs Division

Japan Game Awards 2016 – Excellence Award

PlayStation Awards 2017 – Users’ Choice Prize

“This has been an incredible year for our company, one that represents our ambitions for Japanese games in the west,” said Naoto Hiraoka, president & CEO of Atlus U.S.A. “We are in the middle of experiencing tremendous growth, both in the west and abroad, and the sales of Persona 5 represent a new level of expectation for fans of the genre. Once seen as niche, Persona 5 is one of the most important titles this year, proving interest in this category is expanding. We look forward to delivering more incredible games to our fans next year.”

Persona 5 first launched for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 in Japan in September 2016, followed by the Americas and Europe in April 2017.

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I can now say I'm one of those people, since I finally bought the game during the Black Friday sales, yay! :D

I clapped loudly when I first read this.

After typing this, I will resume clapping loudly.



Honestly in my top 5 this year for sure, and my favorite PS4 game this generation. It deserves more, I say 5 million at least!


Whenever I see these milestones in the headlines, I'm reminded of that poster who played off these Japanese games that came to PS4 early 2017 as "that niche shit".

Anyway, just saw this news and I'm very happy to see it getting so much recognition. Deservedly so.
It's my GOTY as well so far.

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Only 2 million? It doesn't count unless it sells at least 10 million. /s

Fantastic game. GOTY.

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I think Anfebious made a bet that it wouldn't reach 2 million... I guess if he sees this he'll know that it's time to pay up!

Well deserved.... I hope it goes on to reach 4m.
Fantastic game.


My personal GOTY, and Persona has no doubt gained a massive boost in popularity, now gimme my ridiculous spin-offs.

What? Is this just physical? I thought it sold 2 million months ago...

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