Forums - Gaming Discussion - EA Stock Value Plummets $3.1 Billion Battlefront II Controversy


This is a victory for gamers. EA got greedier then they already were and now they suffer financially.  


Battlefront is a fantastic game but they way too greedy. 


I decided to buy this game when it's half price instead of at launch. But the mass movement started by gamers worked. 


EA should have made that done player star wars game and they should have left loot boxes out of the online. Maybe next time they'll learn.

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I'm so happy for this! they deserved as much.

This is how you get their attention. Can campaign and complain all day, but when it hits their pocket books and upsets shareholders they adjust.

I don’t know if it means much though. It’s just the stock price fluctuating.

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I can't wait for the day they go bankrupt.


Now. Let's see a proper Dead Space 4 that caters to the fans and NOT the masses.

KungKras said:
I can't wait for the day they go bankrupt.

Why hope for that? That means people losing jobs etc;

Seems like everyone knows. Could not sell the Battlefield bundle hardly at all this week.

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