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Posting this because I hadn't seen it mentioned anywhere.  According to this, the Nintendo Switch was the most purchased single item by online shoppers this Black Friday.

Nintendo’s Switch is a veritable sensation on the market, having sold almost 8 million units in just six months, and having topped charts in Japan and North America, and a lot of countries in Europe, for most of the time since it has been out. It was always expected to do well in the US on Black Friday, the biggest shopping day in the country every year, in spite of it having no deals and discounts, and being supply constrained.

And apparently, it did do well- according to a report by Adobe Insights, which gathers data from online portals via the Adobe Cloud- to be specific, from 4,500 retail websites, 55 million SKUs, and more than one trillion visits- the Nintendo Switch was the top selling item– not the top selling console, the top selling anything– online on Black Friday. Which is… insane.


According to the site that the article received it's data from, the Nintendo Switch was the #1 item purchased online on Cyber Monday as well: 

Top 5 selling products on Black Friday

1. Nintendo Switch
2. PJ Masks
3. Hatchimals & Colleggtibles
4. Chromecast
5. Roku

Top 5 selling products on Cyber Monday

1. Nintendo Switch
2. Chromecast
3. Roku  
4. Hatchimals & Colleggtibles
5. Amazon Echo

Also of note, there was an Amazon Nintendo Switch bundle that was supposed to be on sale for 4 hours, but was completely sold out in 5 minutes:

Well, that didn’t last long. Amazon’s Switch bundle was up for less than five minutes before it became completely sold out. The deal was supposed to last for four hours, until 7pm, but it’s now described as ‘100% claimed’.

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Ah, wow.  I checked backwards through three pages of the Hot Topics and didn't see it.  I should have run a search.  Thanks.  Mods can close this thread.

"Nintendo’s Switch has performed better than any other competitor in its first few months, Goyal said. Rival Sony announced the PlayStation had its best ever Black Friday with the most sales in the console’s 22 year history. Goyal noted that, unlike Nintendo, Sony offered steep discounts on its consoles. The 1 TB PS4 was priced down to $199 from $299 and the PS4 Pro was priced at $350 from $399.

Even though the PS4 is breaking company records, it was not enough to make it on the top of the charts with Nintendo. Goyal predicts that the Switch’s popularity will not slow down anytime soon."

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