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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - How many units do you think the SNES Classic could sell if it wasn't supply constrained?


How many units would it sell if not supply constrained?

10m 6 28.57%
20m 4 19.05%
30m 4 19.05%
40m 0 0%
50m 0 0%
60m 0 0%
70m 1 4.76%
80m 0 0%
90m 0 0%
100m+ 6 28.57%

I'm going for 70m by 2020 and then onward to infinity and beyond.

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more than xbone

At least 7 billion.

Is it supply constrained?

More than the Wii U, that’s for sure.

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KLXVER said:
Is it supply constrained?

Well supply isn't meeting demand yet.  Amazon price is now down to 120 (used) and 133 (new) though but that is still 40-50 over retail price.  If supply met demand then you could pick one up off Amazon for 80 dollars.

The NES classic is the definition of "Supply Constrained". - At least you have a chance picking up the SNES classic.
Got both myself. (And the Mega Drive and Atari Flashbacks.)

Something like 2 million was for the NES Classic if I recall, supply is definitely orders of magnitude greater than that was for the SNES.

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70m? It's a device that appeals to a specific niche, fans of retro gaming and Nintendo. It is not a device with mainstream appeal, it could never sell 70m by 2020.

There isn't 70m people on the planet that want to play Snes games.

I voted for 10mm, because the proper choice - 100 Trillion - was not included.

How many people in the world today?

That number.