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Forums - Sales Discussion - Bold Prediction : PS4 goes over 130m Lifetime.


PS4 > 130m lifetime?

yes 43 48.31%
no 40 44.94%
see results. 6 6.74%

The topic is in the thread name.

Basically I believe the PS4 is heading for 130m+ lifetime sales.

Heres why:


God of War
Yakuza 6 - the song of life
Fist of the North Star
Shadow of the Colossus remake
Secret of Mana Remake
Shenmue 3
Detroit - become human
Dragon Quest XI
Kingdom Hearts 3
Ni No Kuni 2 - Revenant Kingdom
Red Dead 2 (Marketing)
Monster Hunter World (Marketing)

Death Stranding
Last of Us - part 2
Devil May Cry 5
Ghost of Tsushima
Days Gone
Concrete Genie
Final Fantasy VII Remake (Marketing)


They announced resently they had the best black friday of any in the history of playstation, and we saw what happend at 199$ for that 1tb model.

By end of the fiscal year (2017) in march (2018) they predicted to be over 79m shipped (they upped it 1m), and Im guessing they ll be well over 80m.

I think in 2018 you ll see 199$ price on PS4s.

I could image 2018 being another 20m ish year, and 2019 above 15m.

Even if 2020 is only a 10m year, that should put PS4 over 125m.

After PS5 launch's the PS4 will still sell atleast 5m.

This puts the PS4 over 130m.

Is that a crazy prediction? I honestly dont think so, if you do comment why you think so.

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I'm guessing somewhere between 92-105 personally

That's not bold. Bold is saying it won't go past 130 million.

You said bold. I want my money back

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I say they will hold off on bringing a new system out.

150 million is my bold prediction.

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I think 130M is too much. The reason I think it won’t reach that is because I think the PS5 release will cut its life short.

NATO said:
I'm guessing somewhere between 92-105 personally

This is much bolder than what TC has stated. To think that the PS4 might only sell 13M from March 2018 onwards is very bold.

Bold indeed. Over 100M, yeah. 130M? It depends on how long they take to release the PS5.

This doesn't feel bold to me at all. I'd say 130m is pretty close to what it will do. Maybe a bit more or maybe a bit less.

You can even do a little paper napkin math to figure out what it will sell, because this generation is so similar to generation 6 with Sony having a huge lead and Microsoft and Nintendo being a distand 2nd and 3rd respectively. Also console sales for gen. 8 are down slightly, so the formula is something like (PS2 + XBox + Gamecube) = .9(PS4 + XBox1 + Wii U). Fill in the numbers and 130m might be slightly high, but it is awfully close.

It's reasonable, if you assume the macroeconomics continue as predicted. If there is a crash though and a huge war, it all depends on the purchasing power afterwards.. Hard to say.

But your prediction makes a lot of sense given the information we currently have,